DNA Therapeutics aims at bridging the gap between translational research and late stage development of innovative medicines. It has a Virtually Integrated Pharmaceutical Company (VIPCo) organization assisted by the experts in early stage drug development, chemistry-manufacture-control, regulatory affairs, and Key Opinion Leaders in oncology. All non-core activities are outsourced.


– Prof. Jian-Sheng Sun, Ph.D, co-founder, CEO of DNA Therapeutics, co-inventor of siDNA concept with Dr. Marie Dutreix (Institut Curie), 30 year expertises in oligonucleotide therapeutics & biotechnologies (head of lab, about 100 peer reviewed publications). In addition, he was trained in business and biotech management at Paris HEC business school that enable him to manage the company from scratch to clinical stage.

He received the joint Grand Prize of Life Science (2006) by French Senate, INSERM-Transfert and ESSEC, the Award of best innovative entrepreneur in health (2009) by French business angels investing in health.

– Dr. Patricia Noguiez-Hellin, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Development Director, brings 20-year experience in R&D project management, bioproduction, QA, and QC. Prior to joining DNA Therapeutics in January 2013, she worked for LTKfarma, Genethon, Genopoietic. She was a researcher at the Institut Jacques Monod (Paris), Imperial Cancer Research Fund Clare Hall laboratories (UK).

– Dr. Flavien Devun, Pharm.D, Ph.D., clinical affairs manager, is in charge of clinical trial and regulatory affairs. Prior to joining DNA Therapeutics in October 2011, he was a postdoc researcher in translational cancer research at the Institut Curie.

Chairman of the board:

– Prof. Jian-Sheng Sun, Ph.D., CEO.

Board directors:

– Mr. Benoit Pastour, M.Sc. head of healthcare practice funds at Turenne Capital Partners (Paris). He brings 20 year of investment experience, is in charge of managing the SEFTI (Specialized European Fund for Therapeutic Innovation) fund which has invested in 4 biotech companies from scratch in France and in Switzerland (therapeutics, diagnostic and medical device, in cardiovascular, infectious disease, cancer).

– Dr. Bernard Majoie, Pharm.D, Ph.D., former President of Fournier pharma group acquired by Solvay, now part of Abbvie. He is a seasoned active business angel to help the value creation of innovative products. He also founded the Foundation Fournier Majoie for Innovation which provides support for encouraging entrepreneurship through innovation in diagnostic and team building.

– Dr. Michel Raoult, Ph.D., MBA, managing director at Chandra Capital (Paris), is an investment professional in providing private placements mainly for early-stage healthcare companies. Previously, he was in charge of evaluating, negotiating, and closing private equity secondary acquisitions for Paul Capital Partners, head of biotechnology in the equity capital market at Crédit Lyonnais.

Board observer:

– Mr. Eric Viaud, M.Sc., co-founder and CEO of Gene Signal (Lausanne), has a demonstrated track record as a biotech entrepreneur, having successfully led the development of several biotech start-up ventures. He currently is an advisor and board member of various biotech companies in Europe. He began his career in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.