DNA Therapeutics has been kindly supported and advised by several top-notch scientists and medical oncologists. Among them:

– Prof. Daniel Louvard, Ph.D. Chairman of the Scientific Council of the “Institut National du Cancer” (French NCI), vice-Chairman of the Scientific Council of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, professor and director of the Board of the “Institut Pasteur”, member of French Academy of Science, former director of the Research Center of the “Institut Curie”. His recent work is devoted to the development of mouse models of intestinal cancer and stem cells that ensure the renewal and repair of intestinal tissue.


– Dr. Marie Dutreix, Ph.D. senior CNRS research director at the Institut Curie, is an expert in DNA repair & genetic instability, cancer biology, and radiobiology. She is the co-inventor of the DNA concept, and co-founded DNA Therapeutics with Prof. Sun, and serves as a consultant acting CSO. She has more than 50 publications in peer-reviewed international journals, several patents of which 6 were licensed.


– Prof. Michel Marty, M.D. Head of the Centre for Therapeutic Innovation at Saint Louis University Hospital (Paris). Since 1990, he has been actively involved in drug evaluation at the French and European levels and served as the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Group on Oncology of European Medicine Agency (EMA).

– Prof. Alban Denys, M.D. head of Digestive & Oncologic Imaging and Interventional Radiology unit Department of Radiology and Interventional Radiology, CHUV University Hospital (Lausanne), is a renowned expert in interventional oncology.

– Dr. Denis Ravel, Ph.D. is the founder and managing director of Initial R&D Consulting, He has near 30-year track record of expertise in drug development at Servier (Paris), Genset (San Diego), Diatos (Paris). He has provided advised the company in early drug development since 2007.

DNA Therapeutics will formally establish a Scientific Advisory Board and a Clinical Advisory Board in near future, in order to further leverage full in-depth scientific and clinical knowledge for ensuring the highest level in its research and development. Other experts will be invited to join in due time.