Initiation of DRIIM trial

Together with local Ethic Committee’s agreement issued on July 20, 2011, DNA Therapeutics has cleared the regulatory path to initiate the DRIIM (Dna Repair Inhibition & Irradiation on Melanoma) trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, preliminary anti-tumor activity and pharmacodynamic effect (including biomarkers) of locally administered DT01 in combination with radiotherapy in patients with metastatic melanoma with relapsed cutaneous tumors including melanoma-in-transit.

Bridge loan of 2 million € for clinical development

The existing investors and all shareholders agreed to proceed a convertible bridge loan of 2 million € in order to start DNA Therapeutics’ first clinical development.

April 4, 2011, Japanese Patent Office notified its decision to grant the 1st Dbait patent in Japan. So far, the princeps patent of Dbait has been granted in the major pharmaceutical territories, such as USA, Europe, Japan and Australia