Automatic immunoassay analyzer MAGLUMI X8


Operation: automatic

Applications: for clinical diagnosis

Analysis mode: chemiluminescence

Setting: standing


●Performance: Maximum 600 tests/hour
●Up to 2400 tests/hour (Four modules combined)
● 24 hours ready to use
●Time to first result: 15 minutes
● Able to link laboratory automation system (TLA/LAS)


Luminescence principle

  • Non-enzymatic flash chemiluminescence, high sensitivity and long stability
  • ABEI label, stable in acid and alkali solution
  • Separation of Magnetic Microspheres, fast and efficient

Technical specifications

● Up to 300 sample positions
● 42 reagent positions on board
● Single cup design (up to 2912 cuvettes loaded once)
● Continuous loading of samples and reagents, STAT available

Operation modes: Random, batch and STAT

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